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Perimeter Surgery Center is fully accredited by the Department of Human Resources and The Joint Commission.

The Department of Human Resources Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) ensures that health care facilities provide Georgians with care that meets state mandatory requirements.  The ORS ensures that a facility also meets Medicare requirements.

Joint Commission Accreditation

Perimeter surgery center is dedicated to provide excellent, high quality care as a central focus to being the partner of choice and the industry leader in safe patient care. We closely monitor and examine our patient are processes and outcomes as they relate to the total patient experience. We follow up with our patients after their visit to learn from them how we can continue to improve in order to provide outstanding service to our patient community.

The Joint Commission accreditation is the organization that accredits the majority of hospitals in the United States.  The standards used to accredit the hospitals are basically the same ones used for ambulatory surgery centers to ensure that quality care within the organization is provided to all patients in a safe manner.

Accreditation by The Joint Commission is voluntary and is obtained by undergoing an on-site survey which serves two functions:

  • Evaluate the organization’s performance
  • Provide education and guidance to improve the organization’s performance

Benefits of accreditation by The Joint Commission include:

  • Demonstration of a commitment to high level of patient safety and care
  • Eases access to managed care contract
  • National benchmarks of quality
  • Increases competitive edge
  • Increases insight and compliance
  • Enhances ability to recruit and maintain quality physician’s and staff